LiftZero is a Safe Patient Handling Lift that is designed to protect nurses and caregivers by removing the need to manually lift patients.  

Safe Patient Handling Lift

LiftZero is a patient repositioning system that stands behind the hospital bed and is used for all on-bed movement of bed-ridden patients; including pulling up in bed, turning for pillow placement to avoid pressure ulcers and turning fully to the side for clean-up and linen changes.

LiftZero will also “elevate” the patient off the bed for linen changes, and placement of transfer slings or mattresses. It transforms the bed linen into a hammock to gently move the patient by simply lowering the bed. Designed by a nurse, there is not another product on the market that moves patients on the bed in such a simple truly “no-lift” manner that is 100% safe for nurses and healthcare workers.