LiftZero Protects Caregivers From Injury

Designed By A Nurse, For Nurses

ErgoNurse®’s LiftZero was designed by a nurse who suffered a career ending injury while on duty. Soon after discovering that about 75% of patient-lifting injuries are related to bed repositioning, the goal became to find a long term solution to help provide safety for caregivers and enhance safe patient handling while reducing workers compensation claims. What was invented revolutionized patient care for nurses and caregivers as LiftZero became revered as the only solution with the unique ability to eliminate caregiver injuries by removing the need to ever manually lift patients.

Stop Lifting!

LiftZero is such an advocate to stop lifting that it doesn’t even do any lifting itself. In fact, it is a passive lift that suspends the patient in a comfortable hammock style cocoon as the bed is lowered during repositioning and other tasks. Our goal is to completely eliminate injuries to nurses and caregivers by removing the need to manually lift, thereby abolishing the largest cause for injury in the industry.

Safe Patient Handling

Hospitals and other care facilities are being more strictly regulated to abide by safe patient handling procedures. LiftZero provides a safe and simple way for nurses and caregivers to best serve patients while protecting them against lift-related injury.

No Lift Facilities

Because it allows the facility to move to a “no lift” environment, virtually all patient handling injuries are eliminated. Existing hospital equipment such as Hoyer lifts complement the LiftZero, and complete the hospital’s ability to offer a “no lift” environment for their staff. Since LiftZero requires only one person for operation, lifting teams for bed repositioning are not needed. It takes one caregiver about one minute to turn a patient, and three minutes to boost a patient up in bed. Lifting teams are much more expensive than outfitting an entire hospital with the LiftZero.

Prevent Bedsores and Eliminate Pressure Ulcers

The biggest patient benefit with the use of LiftZero has been the facilities seeing their pressure sore rate decrease to zero. This is because LiftZero is so convenient and quick to use, that patients can be turned and repositioned easily, without having to wait for help. Patients are simply being turned more often.
· Bedsores and pressure ulcers prevented and eliminated
· Smooth movements means greater comfort following surgery or injury
· No skin tears or bruising or abrasions, no discomfort since patient is wrapped cocoon-like in the sheet
· Obese patients retain their dignity, since one caregiver can move them around
· Better patient outcomes