“Healthcare workers consistently rank among top occupations with disabling back injuries, primarily from manually lifting patients. Back injury may be the single largest contributor to the nursing shortage. Reported injuries to certified nursing assistants are three to four times that of registered nurses. A national healthcare policy for “Safe Patient Handling - No Manual Lift” is urgently needed to address this crisis. Body mechanics training is ineffective in prevention of back injury with patient lifting.” — Devastating Injuries in Healthcare Workers: Description of the Crisis and Legislative
Solution to the Epidemic of Back Injury from Patient Lifting,
Journal of Long Term Effects of Medical Implants, 2005, vol. 15

The Product That Saves Care Facilities

Repositioning and Turning Injuries

Health Caregivers are at highest risk of injury according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Eliminating repositioning and turning injuries can save $1,000 of workers compensation costs per bed, per year. At least 75% of patient lifting injuries are related to bed repositioning.

Reduce the Need for Lifting Teams

A 24 hour, 2 person lifting team will cost an average of about $350,000 per year. LiftZero can minimize the need for lifting teams and save an estimated $350,000 annually.

Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers (HAPU)

The costs of this non-reimbursable condition are staggering! Average cost per HAPU ranges from $2,738 to $22,124+. Assuming a low average cost of $3,500 per incident and a rate of 2%, HAPU costs are: 10,000 discharges x 2% = 200 HAPU x $3,500 = $700,000. By eliminating HAPU, annual savings can be around $700,000.

Real Indirect Injury Costs

There are many indirect costs associated with lifting injuries that are typically 3 – 4 times direct costs, such as:
– Sick Time
– Additional staffing costs
– Worker recruitment costs
– Worker retraining post injury
– Injury Administration time
– Attorney fees

Isolation Protective Gear

Protective gear to reposition contact isolation patients adds up. With ErgoNurse® a single caregiver can reposition patients up to 550 lbs. Assuming patient turns every 2 hrs and an average of 20 isolation patients, save more than 10 suits per patient, per day, at $2 per set. 20 patients x 10 turns = 200 turns/day, x 365 x $2 ea = $146,000 in annual savings.
*Financing options are also available

Prevents Bed Sores & Pressure Ulcers for Patients

LiftZero simplifies the process of repositioning, log rolling and linen changing. The safe patient handling equipment allows the nurse or caregiver to be more effcient while working with their patients, thus offering the patient more comfort. This care leads to a reduction in bed sores and pressure ulcers.

Retained Dignity

1 in 10 patients that are admitted to the hospital are obese. With LiftZero, these patients are saved from the typical discomfort felt when nurses and caregivers are tasked with repositioning or log rolling. The patient is comfortably lifted and cared for without stress or strain.

Less Teams, More Time

Nurses and caregivers are able to care for up to 10 times more patients with the effciency provided by LiftZero. No longer must they rely on big teams to lift heavy patients or cause any strain on their body by manually lifting patients.

No More Injury

LiftZero may be one of the most effective products for safe patient handling on the market. With nurses and caregivers being at risk by working in the profession that has the highest chance of musculoskeletal injury, the LiftZero not only prevents but can completely eliminate most of these injuries.